Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some of my favorite children's books...

There are amazing books to teach children how to live compassionately in our society. Here are some excellent choices for preschool aged children:

All of us come from different family cultures; ethnicities; and individual beliefs.

This one will bring tears to your eyes. Children are not born with prejudice. It is a learned behavior. The Teddy Bear teaches us how to look lovingly upon all walks of life.

We all have special needs.

Two Mrs. Gibsons is a delightful story about a bi-racial child loving the two most important women in her life - her mom and grandmother.

The photography in this book is amazing. It depicts how we are all connected by one great necessary life source - water.

I truly respect Barbara Kerley's work. This is another book filled with beautiful photos of children and families around the world.

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  1. The book about water is truely one of my favorites. I LOVE the photography