Thursday, August 12, 2010


My daughter and I are moving into a very small space. It's a one bedroom bungalow, very zen-like, with an outdoor tub, 8x15 living room, kitchen, bathroom and 8x6 bedroom. We have a small yard, just enough for our 85 pound wolfdog and a bbq (I have to have my bbq). Currently, we have enough stuff for a two bedroom house. We have a 5x10 storage unit that I don't want to have to pay for after the term is up in October. In the last month, we have lived off of a handful of clothes in one small armoire, our kitchenware, and our bed. I figure if we can do that, and have not needed the stuff we have in storage, we're ready to do some serious off-loading. There will be a nice 2 bedroom house yard sale. Instead of sorting, we're going to go through our things and keep the stuff that is absolutely essential. Of course, there will be sentimental items and I have an upright storage unit that will be kept outside along with my sewing stuff.

A dear friend of mine has offered to build my daughter a loft bed, and I may see about doing the same for me in order to have more space. Then she can can have the bedroom, and I can sleep in the living area. We have a bookshelf, three dressers, and a couch set. Something needs to go even in those few things.

One of my best girlfriends is calling this a catharsis, which indeed it is. In the past year, I have had back surgery and a huge load of Murphy's Law swirling around in my world. Even in the last month I have had bouts of anger and resentment because of the stressful pile up to the point where I felt toxicity coming out of my pores. I was beginning to think I smelled bad along with it. Somewhere along the way, the energy shifted and I feel myself morphing, letting go, and freed. Along with this experience, I want to be free of these unnecessary material things. My goal, starting on Samhain, is to spend the upcoming year freeing myself from debt and cutting away at what is not necessary. I'm pretty good at living within a pretty low income, given I was formerly an Early Childhood Educator. Now, I want to take it to the next level.

I was poking around looking for articles on downsizing your life. The Good Human published a great article "Downsizing your Life to Live in 100 Square Feet. Could You do It?". I was completely intrigued by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. While as I don't think my daughter and I could live in 100 sq. ft without having a mother-daughter explosion, they do have slightly larger options. The B-53 looks like the perfect house for us. My ultimate goal is for my daughter and I to own our home.

Yes. Catharsis. We are unloading a heap of material things that is clogging up the energy pipe, and a heap of negative energy clogging up the prosperity pipe. One step at a time, and we'll be debt free, downsized, and owning our own home.

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  1. You go girl! I am so proud of you and how far you come. You are going to feel WAY better once you free yourself of things that are just not necessary. I did the same thing when we moved to our small bungalow and was relieved...