Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Tribute to Toni Morrison

Yes, the literature geek is at it again....

One of my all time favorite authors, Toni Morrison, was born in 1931. She has written a number of amazing books depicting the depth of human relations under unbelievable conditions. I recently watched "Beloved", which was incredibly constructed by Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. I was completely blown away by Thandie Newton performance of Beloved. I read the book a few times many years ago, and I am inspired to read it again after seeing the movie.

Of course, as any other book that is made into a movie, I highly recommend reading the book first. The movie is well done, which is a hard one for me to say because rarely are movies as good as the book.

Other excellent work by Toni Morrison.

Her books are intricate and deep. They aren't long novels, and you can very well read them in one sitting. Prepare yourself though. She has an incredible way of moving and stirring your thoughts in a way that is a bit flustering at first.

These are all the ones I have read and all of them were excellent.

Here are more! I haven't read these yet, but undoubtedly they are as amazing as the rest.



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